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Crown Prince  Frederik







Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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Frederik Andre Henrik Christian, born 26th May 1968 in Copenhagen, successor to the throne. Son of Queen Margrethe 2nd and Prince Henrik.
Baptized in Holmens Church, Copenhagen the 24th June 1968. Confirmed in Frederiksborg Castle Church 28th May 1981.

The crown prince attended Krebs School 1974-81, 1974-76 as a privat at Amalienborg and from 3rd grade 1976 at Krebs School, then Ecole des Roches, Normandiet, France, 1982-83, student from Øregård Gymnasium 1986.
Studies in knowledge about states at Harvard University, U.S.A. 1992-93.
Cand scient pol. (Århus University) February 1995.
Service at the Danish UN-mission in New York (3 months) 1994.

The crown prince has an extensive military training.
Recruit. The Royal Life Guards, 1986
Lieutenant of the Reserve, 1988
Platoon leader at the Gardehusar Regiment, 1988
First Lieutenant of the Reserve, 1989
The Frogman Corps, The Navy, 1995
First Lieutenant of the Reserve, The Navy, 1995
Captain Lieutenant, The Navy, 1997
Captain of the Reserve, The Army, 1997
Captain of The Air Force, 2000
Further studies at Defence Akademy, 2001-02
Major in The Army and The Air Force and Orlogs Captain in The Navy, 2002.

From October 1998 until 1999 H.K.H. was stationed as 1st embassy secretary at the Royal Danish Ambassy in Paris.
The crown prince is precident for The Royal Danish Geographical Society.

Member of honour of:
The Society for promoting Noble Horse Breeding, Royal Danish Yacht Club, Hobie Cat Denmark, The Rider Officer’s Association, The Guards Association in Copenhagen, Danish Sportsdiving Association, Christian 4th’s Laug in Aalborg, Copenhagen Golf Club, The National Committee for The Association of Restoration of The Monument of Liberty, The Navy Association, Danish Mongol Association, International Tennis Club of Denmark, Seaman’s Association of 1856, Commissioner in Danish Red Cross.

From February until June 2000 H.K.H. The Crown Prince took part in the ekspedition Sirius 2000, a sledge journey north of Greenland from Qaanaaq (Thule) in north west to Daneborg in north east, a journey of 2500 kilometre.

The crown prince is protector for a long range of associations and societies.

Danish decorations:
Knight of The Elephant Order (R.E.), Dannebrog’s medal of honour (D.Ht.), the medal of remembrance in reason to the 50-year’s day for Her Madjesty Queen Ingrid’s arrival to Denmark (Dr.f.E.M.).
Medal of honour from The Reserve Officers Association in Denmark (R.O.H.T.), medal of remembrance in reason of H.M. Queen Margrethe and H.K.H. Prince Henrik’s silver wedding (S.E.m.), medal of remembrance in reason of H.M. Queen Margrethe 2nd’s 25 years anniversary of governing (R.E.m.), medal in memory of King Frederik 9th’s 100-year’s birthday (M.M. 11th March 1899-1999), Queen Ingrid’s medal of remembrance (Dr.I.M.M.), Danish Military Athletic Association’s medal of honour (D.M.I.H.), The Royal medal of reward with crown and the inscription EXPEDITION SIRIUS 2000 (BM.KR.).

Foreign orders:
Order of Merit, The Grand Cross, Italy It.F.I.), Adolph of Nassau’s civil and military order of Merit, Luxembourg (N.A.I.), Ojaswi Rajanya Order, Nepal (Nep.Oja.Raj.I), St. Olavs Order, (N.St.O.I.), White Rose’s Order, Finland (Fi.H.R.I.), Terra Mariana Order, Estonia (Est.T.M.I.), The three Star’s Order, Latvia (Le.S.I.), Leopold’s Order, Belgium (B.L.I.), The Icelandic Falcon Order (I.F.I.), The Jordanian Renaissance Order (Jo.Re.I.), Krysantemum Order, Japan (J.Krys.), The South Cross Order, Brasilia (Br.S.K.I.), Ria Branco Order (Br.R.B.I.), Chula Chom Klao Order, Thailand (S.C.C.K.I.), Republic of Germany’s Order of Merit, Grand Cross (Ty.F.R.F.I.).

The 14th May 2004 H.K.H. Crownprins Frederik was married to Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, who at the wedding became H.K.H. Crownprincess of Denmark. The marriage took place in Vor Frue Church, Copenhagen Cathedral, and the wedding party took place at Fredensborg Castle.
Picture from the 21st January 2006
Christian Valdemar Henri John, born the 15th October 2005. Baptized in Christiansborg Castle Church the 21st January 2006 by bishop Erik Norman Svendsen.
The 21st April 2007 at 4.02 p.m. H.K.H. Crown princess Mary gave birth to a princess. Baptized in Fredensborg Castle Church the 1st July 2007 and got the name
Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe, by bishop Erik Norman Svendsen.

Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander, born the 8th januar 2011. Baptized in Holmens Church the 14 th april 2011 by Kongelig konfessionarius, Københavns fhv. biskop Erik Norman Svendsen.

Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda, born the 8th januar 2011. Baptized in Holmens Church the 14 th april 2011 by Kongelig konfessionarius, Københavns fhv. biskop Erik Norman Svendsen.

Picture from the 23rd April 2007

H.K.H. crown princess Mary Elisabeth Donaldson is born on the 5th February 1972 in Hobart, Tasmanien, Australia.
Danish decorations: Knight of the Elephant Order (R.E.).
Membership of honour:
Aabenraa Golf Club,
Fredensborg Golf Club,
Graasten Riding-Club of 2004,
Honorary Hans Christian Andersen Ambassador to Australia,
Royal Danish Yacht Club,
Copenhagen Golf Club,
Odsherred Golf Club.

Daughter of John Dalgleish Donaldson, born the 5th September 1941 (professor in practical mathematics) and Henrietta Clark Donaldson, born the 12th May 1942 (secretary to the vice-chancellor at the University of Tasmania).
Married in Edinburgh, Schotland the 31st August 1963.
Emigrated to Australia from Edinburgh, Schotland in November 1963, Australien citizenship in 1975.
Henrietta Clark Donaldson died the 20th November 1997.
The father remarried the 5th September 2001 to Susan Elizabeth Donaldson (author).    Privacy  © 2017-21