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King  Frederik 9th

1899 - 1972             King  1947 - 1972
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Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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The picture can be seen at The Amalienborg Museum. Click the picture.  

King Frederik and Queen Ingrid together with their Children, Margrethe, Benedikte and Anne-Marie.

Frederik 9th was king at a period of great progress, and the country developed into a welfare state, influenced by abundance.
After graduating Upper Secondary School Frederik entered the navy, where he advanced to admiral. He loved life at sea, and later he fancied the tours on Kongeskibet Dannebrog together with his family.
Frederik was interested in music, and he already received lessons, when he was young, and he became a quite excellent conductor and composer.

During the period, when Frederik 9th was a king, the monarchy transformed to become a pure monarchy, without real political influence.

In connection to a referendum a new law about succession of the throne was passed on the 5th June 1953, where Princess Margrethe became the successor of the Crown after her father.
Frederik became one of the most popular kings we have had.
His high spirits, his ability to deal with people, his natural kindness, and together with queen Ingrid, he created a kind and relaxed relationship to the population, but at the same time understood to maintain the dignity of a king.

The 3rd of January 1972 the king was admitted to KÝbenhavns Kommunehospital suffering a heart attack. King Frederik died on the 9th January 1972.

Christian Frederik Franz Michael Carl Valdemar Georg was the son of Christian 10th and queen Alexandrine, born on the 11th March 1899.

He was the 24th May 1935 married in Storkyrkan in Stockholm to princess Ingrid of Sweden
( daughter of crown prince Gustav Adolf and crown princess Margaretha of Connaught).
Together they had following children:

Margrethe 2nd born on the 16th April 1940, became later sovereign.
Benedikte, born on the 29th April 1944. The 3rd February 1968 married to prince Richard to Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (born on the 29th October 1934).
Together they had the children:
Prince Gustav (born on the 12th January 1969).
Princess Alexandra (born on the 20th November 1970), 1988 married to count Jefferson-Friedrich von Pfeil und Klein-Eliguth).
Princess Nathalie (born on the 2nd May 1975).

Anne-Marie, born on the 30th August 1946. Married in 1964 to king Konstantin 2nd of Greece (son of king Paul 1st and queen Frederikke). King Konstantin and queen Anne-Marie had to flee the country in 1967, and are now residents in England.
Together they have the children:
Princess Alexia (born on the 10th July 1965).
Prince Pavlos (born on the 20th May 1967), in 1995 married to Marie Chantal Miller (born 1969).
Prince Nikolaos (born on the 1st October 1969).
Princess Theodora (born on the 9th June 1983).
Prince Filippos (born on the 26th April 1986).

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