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King  Christian 10th

1870 - 1947             King  1912 - 1947






Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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              King Christian 10th

       Queen  Alexandrine


Christian 10th had a thorough education and graduated a student in 1889, and was as such prepared for the work as a king. Then he received an education as a officer at the Royal Life Guards, which influenced his future life. Christian was a serious and dutiful person with correct appearance, and the military standards and forms were marking his life and environment.
He was appointed general major in 1908.
He became crown prince, when his father Frederik 8th became king in 1906, and when his father died the 14th may 1912, Christian was appointed the king. In the beginning the king had difficulties conducting the new parliamentary practice, which had been introduced in 1901, and with his military background it came to several harsh discussions with political leaders.

After Germanys collapse in 1918 the king was voting for reacquiring of Sønderjylland to Ejderen. The policy of the office of Zahle was something else, and on the 29th March 1920 the king dismissed the ministry, probably in confidence of a change in the majority of the parliament.
The king appointed the temporary ministry of O. Liebe. During The Easter Crisis, which followed, general strike was brewing, and there was a demand for implementation of a republic.

In 1920, after a referendum, a part of Sønderjylland came back to Denmark, and this was marked by king Christian 10th crossing, while great rejoicing, the border on a white horse.
After this tour in Sønderjylland the king became a popular person.
After the occupation in 1940 the popularity of the king showed when he continued to carry out his daily riding tours through Copenhagen. It was at one of these tours the king fall off the horse, and he was caught by a long lasting illness. The usual so strong king became weaker and weaker, and crown prince Frederik had to lead the government.
At the liberation in 1945 the weakened king was rejoiced by large number of people. In the spring of 1947 the king suffered from pneumonia, which lead to his death.

Christian Carl Frederik Albert Vilhelm was born the 26th September 1870 at Charlottenlund Castle.
He was the son of Frederik 8th and queen Louise.
Married 26th April 1898 in Cannes to grand duchess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg- Schwerin, daughter of grand duke Fridrich Franz and grand princess Annastasia Mikhailovna of Russia.
Died at Amalienborg the 20th April 1947.
They had the children:
Frederik 9th, 1899 - 1972, later king.
Knud, 1900 - 1976, was married in 1933 to princess Caroline Mathilde (1912 - 1995) daughter of Christian 10th´s younger brother, prince Harald. Knud was successor to the crown after Frederik 9th had become king in 1947, and until the “successor to the crown” law was passed in 1953, from which time he was allotted the title prince of heritage.


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