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King  Frederik 8th
1843 - 1912                   King 1906 - 1912

Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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The picture can be seen at The Frederiksborg Museum

King Frederik 8th

 Queen Louise of Sweden

From the 29th January 1906 till the 14th May 1912, in other words a little more than 6 years Frederik 8th was king in Denmark. He was not to experience misfortunes, like those which struck Denmark in his fathers first years, and he did not see the Danish people parted in so serious conflict as the on, which separated the kingdom in the middle of Christian 9th s reign.
And yet these 6 years, in which Frederik 8th had the crown, cannot in any way be called years of sunshine. Together with some progress they hold both unrest and misfortune, even at times sinister atmosphere of quite squeezing kind.

King Frederik 8th had no responsibility for that. He always acted parliamentary correct, but it in without any doubt, that the sinister events, which in his time threw shadows over the Danish governing system, effected him deeply.

Frederik 8th was son of Christian 9th and queen Louise.
He was crown prince most of his life, that is 42 years. He was 62 years old, before he became king. Frederik became in 1869 married to princess Louise of Sweden. The wedding took place in Slotskirken in Stockholm the 28th July 1869. Louise was daughter of Karl 15th of Sweden-Norway and queen Lovisa. They had the children:

Christian 10th, coming king.
Carl, 1872 - 1957, became king of Norway under the name Hakon 7th. Married to Maud of England, daughter of Edward 7th and queen Alexandra.
Louise, 1875 - 1906, married to prince Fredrich of Schaumburg-Lippe.
Harald, 1876 - 1949, married to Helena of Glücksburg.
Ingeborg, 1878 - 1958, married to prince Carl of Sweden.
Thyra, 1880 - 1945, unmarried.
Gustav, 1887 - 1944, unmarried.
Dagmar, 1890 - 1961, married to Jørgen Castenskjold.
King Frederik died in Hamburg from a hart attack the 14th May 1912.



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