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King  Christian 8th

1786 - 1848             King  1839 - 1848






Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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King Christian 8th

Queen Charlotte Frederikke

Queen Caroline Amalie

Christian 8th was a cultured and intelligent man, still hardly in possession of the clear-sightedness and the firmness, which was necessary to bring the country safely away from the dangers coming closer and closer.
He had difficulties determining a firm politic. In the first years he took side for the Danish minded, but from 1842 until 1846 he took the Slesvig-Holstenske advisers more into consideration, and thereafter he broke up again.

Christian 8th wanted first and foremost to preserve the Danish language in Sønderjylland, where it still lived. When a successor to the thrown he had shown great interest in this, and as answer to a request from the counsels of trades he issued “Reskript of 1840”, which introduced Danish in administration of justice and agencies until Flensborg Fjord.

Christian 8th had as a young man confirmed the Norwegian constitution, and the liberal in Denmark hoped when he became king, that he would give Denmark a similar one. But the king believed, that the right time had not yet come, and his entrusted advisers Ørsted and Stemann were loyal believers in absolute monarchy.

In stead he got down to carry out practical reforms, local laws for market towns, the accounts of the state were published together with an estimate over annual revenue and expenses. The big army Frederik 6th had kept, even after the loss of Norway, became reduced considerably, but at the same time improved.

By that finances of the state came into extremely good conditions. At the same time the wealth of the nation increased, because the agriculture became more effective.

Christian 8th was son of prince Frederik 6th and queen Sofie Frederikke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
Christian 8th was born on the 21st June 1806, married to his cousin Charlotte Frederikke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1756 - 1806). Together they had the son Frederik (later king), but after a couple of years their marriage was broken up because she had had a love affair with the Swiss composer Edouard Dupuy.

The 22nd May 1815 he married Caroline Amalie of Augustenborg (1796 - 1881). Together they lived a happy - but childless marriage.

Following a visit to the warship Valkyrien Christian 8th caught a cold and had become a fever. To ease him they drained some of his blood, but by that he contracted a blood poisoning, which led to his death the 2oth January 1848.


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