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King  Frederik 6th

1768 - 1839             King  1808 - 1839
                              Norway  1808 - 1814






Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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The Abolishment of Adscript the 20th June 1788
The adscript was abolished all at once for everybody, who were above 36 years of age or below 14 years. For the rest the abolishment took place gradually, so that the adscript was fully abolished the year of 1800.
The landowners should not any more come up with recruits. The military service became in the future equally leveled out, so that the number of recruits was determined from the number of inhabitants in each region, whereas it earlier had complied with the quality of the estateís land.

By this the power of the landowners over the farmerís person was fully abolished. The farmers position in society had quite changed. Before he was an un-free labourer, now a free citizen.
Still totally equality between farmers and the rest of the citizens of the state was not yet created. That was achieved under the constitution later.

Following the abolishment of adscript it was easy to complete what was left. As the landowner not any more had any compulsory reights over the farmers, he himself was interested in an exact fixing of the farmers compulsory work for the landowners. That happened most places by common agreement, and when this had happened all over, a new law was enforced determining that the compulsory work had to be decided on by both parties.

Replacing and by that the following moving out advanced almost totally. This changed highly the appearance of the countryside. On the until now empty fields were build farmhouses and living houses. For the agriculture as a matter of fact the replacing was the most importent of the reforms. Privat ownership became widespread, and in the time after the abolishment of adscript and the reforms the agriculture was in an extremely progress. The profit grew, and the way of cultivation was improved in large scale, new plants and cereals, clover, potatoes were added to the old once and new types of rye and wheat.
The population grew, and though the taxes grew larger, the people payed it quite easily.
Initiative and desire to work among the farmers were prevailing as never before.

Farmerís Livingroom about Year 1800


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