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King  Christian 7th

1749 - 1808             King  1766 - 1808
                           Norway  1766 - 1808






Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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King Christian 7th

Queen Caroline Mathilde


Christian 7th, who became king when only 17 years old, had inherited his fathers weak character and carelessness. He had inborn aptitude for mental illness, and a bad upbringing seemed unfortunate for him. By way of beating they had tried to give him knowledge.
His teachers had been debauched and ruined young people. Only one of his teachers, the Swiss Reverdil, had aimed at educating him in a healthy way.

The result thus was that Christian 7th became malicious and nasty, debauched, lazy and indifferent to his governmental duties.
During few years it actually developed into insanity.
In reality he was only king until 1769, when he became obvious insane.
He was at an age of 17 married to Caroline Mathilde, but the marriage made no change to his life, and he continued to indulge in the worst doings.

As the king was weak , he allowed the one who understood to control him to lead him. Therefore his time of governing must be parted into more periods, depending on who hold the influence.
Until 1770 J. H. J. Bernstorff kept his influence, and the government was conducted after the same point of view as under Frederik 5th.
1770 - 1772 Struense’s reform attempt.
1772 - 1784 Guldberg’s conservative government.
After 1784 crown prince Frederik’s and A. P. Bernstorff’s governing and the great agricultural reforms.

Christian 7th was born at Christiansborg Castle the 29th January 1749, son of king Frederik 5th and queen Louise.
In 1766 he was married to Caroline Mathilde (1751 - 1775) daughter of prince Frederick of Wales and sister to king Georg 3rd of England.

Christian 7th and Caroline Mathilde got the children:

Frederik 6th (1768 - 1839) later Norway.
Louise Augusta (1771 - 1843) married in 1786 to duke Friedrich Christian of Augustenborg.

Christian 7th died from a stroke 13th March 1808, 59 years.

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