King Christian 5th
1646 - 1699            King 1670-99
                          Norway 1670-99

Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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King Christian 5th

Queen Charlotte Amalie


Christian 5th was son of Frederik 3rd and Sofie Amalie of Braunschweig-Lüneburg.
Christian 5th was the first Danish king, who was crowned as inherit- and autocratic lord without firm written conditions and without receiving the kingdom from any other authority. It was not at all in agreement with his sovereignty to allow any other person to crown him.


The new valuable crown, which was
procured in stead of the one till now used,
he put on himself.

Christian 5th was a havy man, interested in hunting and other fierce distractions, kind and good-natured, but only a little persevering toward mental efforts and easy to influence.

He had nothing of his fathers Latin learning. He spoke and wrote easily both Danish and German, but neither perfect, but harbored predilection for Danish.

In Christian 5th’s lifetime social structure of the absolute monarchy was completet. The leading statesman was in the first six years Griffenfeld (Peder Schumacher).
Griffenfeld had stayed abroad, where he had studied the absolute monarchy’s maxims and knowledge of state. Following his return in 1660, he became Frederik’s librarian and secretary. As such he got the task of writing the royal-law on the basis of earlier drafts.

His influence grew constantly, and when Christian 5th was crowned, he gave him the name Griffenfeld, and made him a menber of the Gehejmekonseil, and soon he got as head minister the whole agency in his hands.
At the same time he was appointed a count and got large properties.
He completed the principles of the new government administration.

A new high nobility consisting of counts and barons was founded, which owned large land estates.
The king and his surroundings should create the highest sphere, to which you could only rise step by step through distinctions, and which only depended on the mercy of the king.
Therefore the Dannebrog order was established, and the Elephant order, which had existed in about two hundred years, was renewed, just like the first rank decree was issued.
In Hertugdømmerne, where the Gottorp’s joint ownership made it more difficult to carry out the absolute monarchy, Griffenfeld broke Landdagen’s dominating influence.
They gathered last time in 1675.
Futhermore his clever wisdom in state affairs got Denmark Oldenburg, the royal family’s home land.

A strong party at the court was formed against him, who wanted war against Sweden, but Griffenfeld tryed to keep peace if possible.
This party obtained the kings support, and the declaration of war was issued.
The king had Griffenfeld imprisoned and accused (1676). It turned out that he had received precents for appointment of civil servants, and that he in foreign negotiations had winded himself into dangerous contradictions to avoid the war against Sweden.

He then was condenmed from honour, life and property, but was pardoned at the executing place, but was sentenced to “enternal” imprisonment, at first at the Kastellet, then at Munkholmen by Trondhjem.
After 32 years the king offered him to stay in Trondhjem, but he died shortly after in 1699.

Christian 5th died in 1699 at Copenhagen Castle after a hunting accident.
He was burried in Roskilde Cathedral.

Christian 5th was in 1667 married to Charlotte Amalie of Hessen-Kassel, daughter of count Vilhelm 6th of Hessen-Kassel.

Christian 5th and Charlotte Amalie had the children:

Frederik 4th, 1671 - 1730. Later king.
Christian Vilhelm, 1672 - 73.
Christian, 1675 - 95.
Sophie Hedevig, 1677 - 1735.
Carl, 1680 - 1729.
Christiane Charlotte, died when a child.
Vilhelm, 1687 - 1705.

Christian 5th had together with Sophie Amalie Moth, who was his maitresse and mistress, the children:

Christiane Gyldenløve, 1672 - 89
Christian Gyldenløve, 1674 - 1703
Sophie Christiane Gyldenlkøve, 1675 - died when a child
Anna Christiane Gyldenløve, 1676 - died when a child
Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve, 1678 - 171
Daughter born in 1682.





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