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King  Frederik 2 nd 

1434 - 1588             King  1559 - 1588
                           Norway  1559 - 1588






Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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King Frederik 2nd

Queen Sofie of Mecklenburg


Frederik 2nd is described as lively, generous and loved splendour. His great amusement was art of war, hunting and festivity. The last mentioned had according to palace preacher Anders Sørensen Vedel, shortened his life.

He had during his childhood had a skilful teacher, but the young prince did not succeed to acquire literary knowledge. Among other things he did not learn to write proper Danish.

After ending school he had Ejler Hardenberg as steward. He owned the enormous Malmøhus county. Here the young prince should prepere himself for his period as king.
Here Frederik 2nd 20 years old felt in love with the Lord Chamberlain’s niece Anna Hardenberg. Neither his parents, the Council or the court allowed him to marry her.

The 20th July 1572 he was married correctly to the 14 year old Sofie of Mecklenburg. He was crowned the 13th August 1559.

Frederik 2nd began his time of government by conquering Ditmarsken in 1559, which became incorporated into Holsten.

He participated in the Swedish seven years war 1563-1570, which started when Sweden had conquered Estland and after that tried to break the Danish wall around the country. But at the peace in Stettin the Swedes were forced to pay a large amount to get back the fortress Elfsborg, and in addition Sweden had to recognize Denmarks possession of Gotland. The Swedes attempt to prevent Denmarks control of The Baltic Sea became a failure.

It was Frederik 2nd, who rebuild the old castle in Helsingør. Erik af Pommern had in the 1420ths built the fortress “Krogen”. From here the king’s men controlled shipping in The Sound and collected Sound duty.

Frederik 2nd built a glorious renaissance castle at that place and decorated it with columns and sculptures. This new and beautiful fortress got the more known name Kronborg Castle.
1571 Frederik 2nd founded his own Royal Life Guard called Drabantgarden.

He became one of Danish history’s greatest and most significant kings before the absolute monarchy, and he made Denmark a rich trading nation.
King Frederik 2nd died only 54 years old at Antvorskov Castle and was buried in Roskilde Cathedral.

Queen Sofie 1557-1631

She was the daugther of Elisabeth and duke Ulrich of Mecklenburg.
She was married 14 years old at Copenhagen Castle and had seven children, the first one when only 16 years old.

After the king died, she demanded her widow-pension and a lifelong stay at an estate in Lolland-Falster. She demanded to be given the supervision as to the bringing up of the children and by this she collided with the Council of the kingdom.

Later after the crowning of Christian 4th she became a steady support to her son, and she yilded him at more occasions financial support. With great competence she carried out the management of her estates and became a wealthy woman.

She died at Nyborg Castle 74 years old and was buried in Roskilde Cathedral by the side of Frederik 2nd.


King Frederik and queen Sofie had the children:

Elisabeth 1573-1626, married in 1590 to duke Heinrich Julius of Braunsweig-Wolfenbüttel
Anna 1574-1619, married in 1589 to Jakob 6th of Scotland, son of Maria Stuart and Henry Darnley. .................Jakob 1st became also English king in 1603
Christian 4th 1577-1648, later king
Ulrik 1578-1624, bishop of Schwerin
Augusta 1580-1639, married in 1596 to duke Johan Adolf of Slesvig-Holsten-Gottorp
Hedvig 1581-1641, married in 1602 to prince Christian 2nd of Sachsen
Hans 1583-1602, should have been married to Xenia, daughter of the Russian tsar Boris Gudonov, but died shortly before.

The Nordic Seven Year War 1563-70
After The Nordic Seven Year War 1570-88


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