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King  Frederik I st 

1471 - 1533             King  1523 - 1533
                                  Norway  1523 - 1533       







Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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King Frederik 1st

Queen Sophie


Frederik 1st had to get support from the nobilities, who had placed him on the crown, and Christian 2ndís legislation was burned at Viborg Court.
In his signed written agreement Frederik had promised to shield the church and severe punish all Lutherske disbelievers. But often he could set through his will against the Council.
More times he had huge taxes granted, to which also the clerical had to contribute, and the church had to give him their treasures.
He namely threatened to make a settlement with Christian 2nd and leave him the crown again, which the Council feared most of all.
Frederik 1stís confidential advisers were Holstenere (Johan Rantzau). He lived at Gottorp, came seldom to the kingdom, never to Norway, and understood hardly Danish.
He was looked upon as being naive and straightforward, but was in reality reserved, calculating and cunning.

Frederik 1st has never become a popular king. When he came to power by dethroning thereform eager Christian 2nd with help from the German nobilities, this has given doubt about his real quality, and better it did not become with the deceitful capture of Christian 2nd. King Frederik 1st understood hardly Danish and stayed
seldom in Copenhagen, the king in stead led his government from Gottorp. 
King Frederik 1st was buried in Slesvig Cathedral.


Frederik 1stís grave in Slesvig Cathedral


Frederik 1st was son of Christian 1st and queen Dorothea, and was born at Haderslevhus the 7th October 1471.
Frederik was in 1502 first married to Anna of Brandenburg (1487-1514), she was daughter of prince Johann of Brandenburg and Margrete of Sachsen.
Frederik and Anna had the children:

Christian 3rd, 1503-59, later king
Dorothea, 1504-47, who in 1526 was married to count Albrecht of Preussen.

Frederik and Sofie had the children:

Hans, 1521-80.
Elisabeth, 1524-86, married to count Magnus 3rd of Mecklenburg, then to his brother count Ulrich.
Adolf, 1526-86, count of Holsten-Gottorp, married in 1564 to Christine of Hessen.
Anna, 1528-35.
Dorothea, 1528-75, married in 1573 to count Christoffer of Mecklenburg.
Frederik, 1529-56.
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