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King  Hans 

1455 - 1513             King  1481 - 1513
                          Norway  1483 - 1513
                                           Sverige  1497 - 1501                






Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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Åbenrå Kommunes exhibition of paintings of Danish kings, at Museum Sønder
jylland, Åbenrå

King Hans

Queen Christine

Hans was as a child elected successor to the throne in all three countries. In Denmark he became king without oppossition. In Norway the powerful church turned against his election, but had to give up and acclaim him, as he issued a document for Denmark and Norway, which extended the Council’s and the nobility’s power considerably.

This document was also ment for Sweden. The Swedish Council could not resist such an offer and elected Hans as their king.
But Sten Sture understood at meetings and sub-negotiations to delay Hans, so that it took many years before he really got Sweden in his power.

In the year 1497, however, the old enmity between Sten Sture and the Council broke into open fight.
Then king Hans caught the opportunity, left for Sweden with a large army, and enclosed the country’s chief in Stockholm.
Dalkarlene’s rescue army was defeated by the Danes at Rotebro, and when the victors returned, Sten Sture made an attack, which ended with a huge defeat for him.

Eventually he gave up and acknowledged Hans on terms, that he himself got Finland as len (county). Hans was crowned, and his son Christian acclaimed as his successor. Thus the union was renewed exactly 100 years after the crowning in Kalmar.
Three years later king Hans was defeated in Ditmarsken, and Sweden rebelled again.

The nobilities were not always satisfied with king Hans, who with severity maintained his power.
To the middle class king Hans showed predilection, and had for a short time his son Christian brought up by a merchant from Copenhagen, Hans Bogbinder. All together he was popular for his Danish way of living and thinking. He was the first native born king after Valdemar Atterdag.
But by his good-temper he could be random, unfair and melancholy.
It it the same characteristics, but to a greater extend, which are retrieved in his son.

Buried in Odense Gråbrødrekloster, later moved to St. Knuds Church in Odense.
King Hans was son of Christian 1st and queen Dorothea.
In 1478 married to Christine of Sachsen (1461-1521).
They had the children:

Christian 2nd, 1481-1559, later king.
Elisabeth, 1485-1555, marrid in 1502 to Joachim 1st of Brandenburg.
Frans, 1497-1511
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