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King  Valdemar the 3 rd 

1315 - 1364             King  1326 - 1330                






Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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Gerhard became guardian for Valdemar and had him crowned as king when 11 years of age to drive away Christoffer 2nd.
Valdemar abdicated in 1330, and was until his death duke of South Jutland.

The time without a king from 1332 - 1340.

The kingdom of Denmark was parted, and no king was elected after Christoffers death, and those, who had the pawns, adapted to keep their pawn-lands as permanent possessions. But the Danes felt strongly troubled by the Germanís governing.

Already in 1332 the SkŚninger kicked out Johanís bailiffs and troops, and joined the Swedish king, Magnus Smek, who bought the mortgage deed from Johan.

In 1334 Christofferís son Otto tryed to incite the Jutlanders, but was defeated at Taphede by Gert and was put into custody at Segeberg.

However, the indignation of the foreigners violent command grew in Jutland. When duke Valdemar became of age he worried about the great power of his uncle.
Gert already possessed West Holsten, Fuen and North Jutland, and began to acquire parts of South Jutland.

Duke Valdemar contacted the kings son Valdemar, and the Jutlandic squires, and they wanted the Danisk kingdom restored.

Count Gert armed most possible to crush the resistance in the beginning, and seized North Jutland.
Then he in Randers the 1st April 1340 during the night was attacked and killed by a number of Jutlandic men with Niels Ebbesen in the lead.
By this deed the situation was suddenly changed.

Gertís corpse was by his sons carried to Holsten. The troops were dissolved and went vandalizing toward the south, chased by the peasants, and only some strong castles remained in possession of the Holstener.
All summer the Jutlanderís fought to seize the castles continued, until Niels Ebbesen was killed the 2nd November 1340 at Skanderborg. Niels Ebbesen and his brothers, and the rest of Den Kullede Grevesís killers, whose corpses the Holsteners found were maltreated.

While these fightings took place in Jutland, negotiations were conducted between the princes, which were concluded in the settlement in LŁbeck 1340.
Gertís sons, Jernhenrik and Klaus abandoned totally their fatherís great plans to establish a new kingdom.

It was agreed, that Valdemar (Valdemar 4th Atterdag) should become king of Denmark.

Valdemar 3rd was son of duke Erik 2nd of South Jutland and Adelheid.
Valdemar was married to Richardis of Sachsen-Lauenburg, and they had one son
Henrik, died 1375.
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