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King  Christoffer the 2 nd 

1276 - 1332             King  1320 - 1326      1330 - 1332                






Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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The squires elected Erik Menved’s brother Christoffer as king. But first he had to sign a treaty, which ensured the higher in society the reights, which they had fought for during two generations.

The church became independent of the kings power.
The right of the squires to be in receipt of all minor fines from their peasants was confirmed.
The squire, who in the service of the king was taken hostage by the enemy, must be bought free by the king, and they were not obliged to take part in fighting outside the kingdom.
The law could not be altered without consultations with the kingdom’s “best men”, and the king committed himself to pay his brothers debts.

Christoffer signed these conditions, but when he became king, he did not keep them.
He showed no fairness, but ruled mere like a tyrant. Truth was never in his words, it is said in a history book, and resentment against him became fast hugh.

Holsten began now to intervene deeply into Denmarks destiny. It was parted between several men, of whom Gert in Rendsborg was the greatest, also called “den Kullede Greve”, and Johan in Kiel, Christoffer’s halfbrother on his mother’s side.

When the South Jytlandic duke Erik, who was married to Gert’s sister, died 1325, both Gert and Christoffer wanted to become guardian for his young son, Valdemar. The dissatisfied squires and count Johan joint Gert.
Christoffer was forced away from his kingdom.
In stead Valdemar was elected king in 1326.

However, Christoffer succeeded in becoming king again in 1330.
He bought Johan’s help by giving him Zealand and Skåne as security. To Gert he pawned Jutland and Fuen, which he only could get back by paying 100.000 Mk. silver all at one time - in other words never.

The rest of his days intil his death in 1332, he was only king by name.
Buried in Sorø Church.

Christopher was son of Erik Klipping and queen Agnes.
In 1307 married to Eufemia of Pommern (1285-1330), daughter of duke Bugislav 4th of Pommern and Agnes of Brandenburg.

Christoffer and Eufemia had the children:
Margrete, 1308-40, married to count Ludwig of Brandenburg.
Valdemar Atterdag, 1320-75, later king
Agnes, died when still small
Helvig, died when still small.


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