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King  Erik Menved 

1274 - 1319             King  1286 - 1319                






Danish Kings, from Gorm the Old to the present Queen Margrethe 2nd


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Erik 6th Menved and queen Ingeborg expressed in Ringsted Church


Erik Menved was crowned king in 1287, when his father had been brutally murdered in Finnerup Lade.
His mother, queen Agnes, headed a guardian government, until Erik Menved became of age.
At a Danehof (court) in Nyborg a committee of princes and knights was founded to convict the murderer of Erik Klipping.

The common opinion was, that those guilty were the same noblemen , who had let the resistance against the murdered king.
The founded committee convicted accordingly seven knights and two armed men into exile as guilty of murdering the king, among them Jakob of Halland, Marsk Stig and Rane Jonsøn.

Erik Menved dreamed of returning to Valdemar Sejr’s era again, and once more to gain Denmark’s power in the Baltic Sea. Greater luck Erik appeared to have regarding his plans in North Germany, where the broken up conditions made it easy to gain ground.

Lübeck, Rostock and other towns submitted more or less forced, and the German emperor renewed Frederik 2nd’s letter of refrain regarding the land north of Elben.

This expansion of power was mere appearance than reality, and caused damage to Erik Menved, because his war-raids brought him constantly in shortage of money.
He tried to make up for that in three ways. To issue poorer coins, to increase taxes and to take large loans.

Fierce resistance grew against his governing. Both Jutlandic squires and peasants rioted, which had to be crushed with severity.
Even the kings brother Kristoffer rebelled openly, and went himself for the throne.

When Erik died in 1319, the economy was in a miserable condition. Fuen, Skåne and in addition many estates owned by the king were pawned for loans.
Buried in St. Bendts Church in Ringsted.

Erik Menved was son of Erik Klipping and queen Agnes.
In 1296 married to Ingeborg of Sweden, daughter of king Magnus Ladelås of Sweden and Helvig of Holsten.
Erik Menved and Ingeborg had, as it was told, at least eight children, who all died as tender.


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