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Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve


Received letter about
Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve.
This is information about Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve, born 24th June 1678, died 8th December 1719.
Illegitimate child of Christian 5th and Amalie Moth (countess of Samsø).
When I search the internet, I cannot see, that Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve has descendants, but the lokat history in Norway, Askvoll municipality or rather the island community Bulandet, tells me somthing else as to the information, I have.

The information I have got from “the historian” and teacher Sverre J. Landøy and the family books Askvoll Bygdebok and reverend Bernt Askvold’s book Askevoldslekten No. 4299. Some of the information can also be found at the internet pages for the
island community Bulandet in Norway in municipality and the fiords:

A Danish girl by the name of Sille is the ancestor of this family line. She is told to be a daughter of a “writer” in Helsingør and served a “baron”, with whom she got pregnant. He persuaded a Norwegian soldier in Denmark, whose name was Engel, to against payment to become the father of the child. However, Engel went to Norway without telling Sille. But she found the way herself. They became married and settled in Kjempenesset in Bulandet, where he became head of the pilots. The child, which Sille gave birth to, that is the child of the baron, got the name Dorte....”

“Dorte Sofie Ulriksdatter was daughter of Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve born 1678 and died 1719. He himself was illegitimate child of king Christian 5th and his mistress Sophie Moth”.

Dorte Sofie Ulriksdatter Musøen born 1715 is illegitimate child of Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve and Sille Catarina Kierulf Værøy. Sille left for Bulandet and married in 1716, the year after Dorte was born, to Engel Andersson Værøy (the Norwegan soldier in Denmark).

Dorte Sofie Ulriksdatter Mursøen got seven children, only two of these have descendants to day, but they are plenty.

You can also read in the books, that Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve retired because of illness the same year as his unknown daughter was born in Bulandet, that is 1715. He died 8th December. His daughter has almost the same date of death: 12th December 48 years later.

Dorte Sofie Ulriksdatter Mursøen died in a tragic boat-accident at Aldefjorden 12th December 1767.
About this you can read following:
“Velum Andersson Musøy 32 years (Dorte’s second husband), Dorte Sofie Ulriksdatter 52 years.
Per Arneson Musøy 28 years (son of Dorte), Ida Arnesdotter Musøy 24 years (daughter of Dorte), Anders Olson Kjempenes 48 years. They were on a tour to church with a child of Knut Nikøy to be baptized. The child’s name was to be Johanne. The boat was found by Svanøy (Bru) in March with all these dead on board, and they were buried at Bru 25th March 1768.”


One of many decendants in Norway after Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve.


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